fiddlerlouise & co.  is comprised of : 

Louise Arsenault

 Louise Arsenault has had a long impressive career in music, playing the fiddle in traditional folk settings all over the world. Her part in the group Barachois is a highlight of her musical career. Louise's musical talents have taken her to all corners of the world and she's worked on a long list of impressive projects.  Louise's vibrant and energetic fiddle playing, dancing and feet stomping are her trademark style and if you watch carefully while she is playing  the fiddle, you may see the smoke rising from her bow! 

Helen (Arsenault) Bergeron 

Helen Arsenault Bergeron is an acclaimed step dancer and is perhaps best known as a member of the former group Barachois! Helene has travelled and performed in 14 countries! She is the daughter of renowned fiddler, Eddy Arsenault and grew up step dancing and accompanying her father on guitar and later piano and pump organ. Helene also plays the fiddle and sings. She is also one of the founders of the bands Les girls and Gadelle. 

Jonathan Arsenault 

Jonathan Arsenault is a jester of modern times -  always clowning around, you wonder if he takes his music seriously.....until you hear him play! He started off playing Violin like his mom (Louise)  but ended up settling on the acoustic guitar along with....whatever instrument is at his disposal! He had accompanied his mom on many occasions, bringing down the house before a crowd of thousands of spectators. He is your favourite house party jammer who will make you laugh and then make you cry with envy. Jonny, with his vocal repertoire  from his own song writing Johnny cash, John Prine Paul Simon and many others he will most definitely impress you with his vocal abilities! 

The Chaisson Trio 

Showcasing the best of their roots, this trio includes Kevin Chaisson,  Louise Chaisson MacKinnon, and Rannie MacLellan, who is from Margaree, Cape Breton, and now calls P.E.I. home. 

They will be bringing a blend of Scottish fiddle, vocals, guitar and piano to the stage with Celtic music and song.

The Chaisson family is widely accredited with spearheading the movement to keep traditional fiddling alive in Prince Edward Island and are the creators of the famous Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival! You want to miss this lively trio perform! 

Photo Credit: Kirsten Maria Photography

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Photo Credit: Kirsten Maria Photography

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