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Stanley Bridge Hall Ceilidhs

The Chaisson Family Trio 

Kevin Chaisson, Louise MacKinnon & Rannie MacLellan 

 & Gary Chipman 

Jordan Chowen - Step Dancer 

Every Monday @ 7:30 pm 

​June 25-September 17, 2018 

The Arsenault Trio 

(Louise Arsenault, Helen Bergeron & Jonathan Arsenault)

& Gary Chipman

Every Wednesday @ 7:30 pm 

June 27-September 12, 2018

Lively Maritime Music, Champion Step Dancing, Traditional Fiddling, Laughter & More! 

"A true Prince Edward Island Musical Experience!"

"We would definitely reccommend seeing this show to anyone wanting to hear east coast music/fiddling/step dancing. It was one of the highlights of our vacation to PEI!" 

​                                                                                                      -Trip Advisor Review